Monday, 2 July 2012

A whole lotta Moleskine love

If you've read this post then you'll know that I wanted to get a diary so I could plan and be more organised.  I've always had a diary but for one reason or another I'd kind of let it slide (probably a result of losing some of the structure of my life), but I've made a purchase, I am going to be bold and declare that this purchase has changed my life. I give you (well I don't, I wont be giving this puppy away), the Moleskine 18 month Weekly Notebook Diary/Planner. I've got the large, soft cover version and I can safely tell you that I will never own a diary from anywhere else ever again.  I know I am getting ridiculously a little bit over excited about a diary, but seriously it is just a work of genius; it feels warm in your hands and the paper is so thin, but so sturdy, and it's got a ruler in it (don't know many others like that do ya?!)

My dad is just as in love with it as I am, and has since asked me to pick him up a small softcover notebook, so I'm not the only one that is hooked! And, after seeing how in love with my Moleskine I am, my dad has promised to buy me a new one each year so that our lives can stay connected even when we're living totally separate ones...I'm sorry but what a babe, he is so cute sometimes!! 

So, that's it, my new One True Love.  How sad am I! And with the help of my new love I am able to tick Plan off my list because now my whole life is being documented! 

If you're taking part in the 7 Things challenge with Louise have you managed to achieve anything on your list? If you have, has it made you feel better? 



  1. oh my god, i am the most organized person you will ever meet. i write EVERYTHING down and i have millions of lists. i even have lists FOR my lists! my current daily planner runs out at the end of july, and it doesn't have enough space for all of my oodles of notes. this planner is really perfect, actually -- i'm hoping they sell them at barnes and noble! if not, i'm sure i can find it online. ahhh i'm really excited for this now! ha ha!


    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has lists for their lists!! I would wholeheartedly recommend this planner, it is a pure delight! And you can get them in A4 if you like a desk top larger planner as well! I'm sure you'll be able to find it somewhere!!


    2. guess WHAT!
      i took your advice and actually bought a moleskin notebook today! i'm actually really excited about it, as corny as that sounds. i love the way it looks and feels in my hands, and there's so much space for writing things! i'm in organized-person heaven!!
      so glad i read this post :)

    3. I'm so glad you've done it- they are by far the best notebooks out there-I adore mine, and have since had to buy my mum one as well as my dad because she had notebook envy!! The feel of them in your hand is as if they were made just for you isn't it?! Hope you love it as much as I love mine and I'm glad I was able to help you get to stationary utopia! Xx