Sunday, 20 May 2012

NARS Cheery Popping Time : NARS Laguna

Firstly, please let me apologise for the quality of these photos, they were taken on my iPhone at night so they aren't the best (maybe I'll update them when I have a proper camera to hand but I just wanted to write this post!). 

A couple of months ago I popped my Nars cherry which seems a pretty momentous thing in the blogging world...and boy did it feel good! I thought I'd better go for Laguna as it has got to be one of the most talked about products out there.  I first heard about it when Millie Mackintosh from Made In Chelsea said this was her favourite bronzer and I thought I've got to have it (because who doesn't want to have her golden glow?!) but I put it off and put it off because I was happy with my Benefit Hoola and didn't NEED it.  Blogging has blown the entire concept of needing something out of the water however.  Whereas before I was so good and stuck to one product until it ran out, I now find myself conducting snatch and grab cosmetic shopping sprees here there and everywhere all in the name of blogging, and so seeing as every person in the beauty blogging world seems to own this bronzer I thought it was about time I joined the gang.

I love the packaging, but it does already look like I've had it about a year (which is typical of Nars). I am weary of the dreaded smash happening though because Tanya Burr (pixi2woo on YouTube) said hers smashed really easily so I am loath to use this as my 'on the go' bronzer incase it can't hack the travel! 

This product is so finely milled that it applies like an absolute dream and gives a really beautiful finish.  Having said that, I do find that when you sweep your brush over it you get a lot of powder flying everywhere which seems like such a waste of product! Is this because it is so finely milled? Whatever the reason I'm not a fan of it, it's like you can literally see your money going up in a golden smoke! 

I've decided to be a good girl and finish Hoola before I go on to using this as my everyday bronzer but I'm looking forward to enhancing my summer glow with this product! I usually like a matte bronzer but I am ready to embrace a bit of shimmer I think, and this is a nice introduction because it's not really shimmery it just gives an extra dimension! 

This isn't a cheap product, at £25 for 8g (cue choking fit) but this 8g really should last a long long time so hopefully it will be worth the investment, and 8g is the new weight of Benefit Hoola (the naughty people at Benefit made their boxed powders smaller) so really if you fancy a bit of golden shimmer in your bronzer it might be worth the extra couple of pounds.  I got mine at John Lewis so you can head to a NARS counter or pop online

Have you tried this bronzer? What are your thoughts on it? Which is your weapon of choice for sun kissed skin?



  1. i wish nars products wernt so darn overpriced in australia, i have to get my fill of nars goodness by reading blogs :(

    1. Oh that is so'll have to get someone to deliver you some from the uk if they're ever coming to Australia! x

  2. i still have yet to pop my nars cherry as well :( orgasm is number one on my list! (ha ha, this comment is getting really awkwardly sexual.)
    anyway, bobbi brown makes amazing matte bronzers -- they've always by far been my favorite for contouring!


    1. Orgasm is also the next on my list, it's pretty awkward when you're standing at a Nars counter, how do you word it 'I'd like to get Orgasm please' or 'can I just grab Orgasm?" none of them really sound great do they? And you definitely can't afford to forget one of those words because 'I'd like to Orgasm' is totally not the same request!
      I'll have to have a look at the bobbi brown bronzers when I'm next in town! x