Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Oops I went to MAC.

After watching Amarixe do a tutorial with MAC Stars & Rockets, which you can see here, I knew I needed to get my hands on this gorgeous shade. It is just such a gorgeous shimmery pinky mauve with a slightly bluey silver sheen, and it is just so pretty.  I've included photos in natural sunlight and also with the flash on so you can see how the colour translates.

It most certainly lives up to its name! 

This particular trip to MAC also saw my first dip into the Pro Palette ocean, and boy oh boy was that probably a mistake because now all I want to do is fill it! 

Amerixe uses Cornflower pigment to add depth to Stars & Rockets, but I didn't fancy getting a pigment so I went for Freshwater instead, which I think will compliment it fantastically, and is just a beautiful stand alone colour anyway! 

The pigmentation of these eyeshadows really is incredible, this is the colour pay-off with just one sweep of my finger so you can only imagine how amazing it could look if you really packed it on to the lid. 

I wanted this in the pan so I could add it to my palette, but they didn't have it in stock so I had to go for it like this.  I should have waited but I just couldn't help myself! 

In natural daylight it looks so fresh! 

The next purchase was from the Reel Sexy collection, and it is the The Dynamic Duo 3.  On the left we have Pearled Earth which is a gorgeous shimmery grey which MAC describe as a 'dirty-toned purple', which has a hint of warmth which I really like.  I have also found it really morphs into different colours in certain lights which I think helps to make it a really wearable colour.  On the right is a limited edition colour, Teal, this is a matte colour which means it is the perfect partner to the frosty Pearled Earth. When I bought this duo the lovely makeup artist at MAC used Pearled Earth all over my lid and then ran a shot of Teal along my lower lash line, and it looked gorgeous and was so simple to do.  I can't wait to try them out properly! 

Swatcharoos in natural sunlight

I then picked up something that is essential for me, I have very unruly brows and thought it was about time I brought them in to line (literally) once and for all! I got the Clear Brow Set because I use a pencil or powder to add definition to my brows anyway so I don't need a coloured gel. 

And finally I picked up a short handled 129 Blush Brush, which I've been wanting for ages.  I went for the short handle mainly because it came in a re-sealable pouch that would make it ideal for traveling but in all honesty I wish I'd gone for the regular length handle because I never take brushes out and about with me and if I am going somewhere I take my brush roll with me anyway...I'm a moron I know! 

I'm sorry this is just a photo heavy post but I hope you can enjoy the visuals as much as I'll enjoy using the products. 

I'll do full reviews and show you how I'm wearing the colours and how I'm getting on with the products once I've given them a fair try! 

Have you got anything from the Reel Sexy collection? What is your favourite eyeshadow duo? 



  1. Love these eyeshadows! Can't wait to hear the reviews!
    Check out my blog!


    1. I very foolishly left these colours at my Mums house so I am yet to be able to give them a full road testing if you will...as soon as I get them back I will be reviewing them! x

    2. Also, just viewed your blog and am no following you! Great blog. x