Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mostly I've been...

Reading: The Girl on the Cliff by Lucinda Riley - I really enjoyed this, the interlinking of stories is beautiful
My Life on a Plate by India Knight - this book made me laugh and laugh, it's nice to read something expressing life from someone who isn't a size 8, who swears and isn't perfect!
The Pink Hotel by Anna Strothard - I really enjoyed this book too, it was quite strange at times but really interesting.

Loving: The sunshine! It makes everything better.  I really do believe it should be bottled and prescribed as medicine.

Appreciating: My wonderful family.  My brother turned 21 this weekend and we had a fantastic party and it just made me feel really lucky to have them all, I loved it that we all pulled together to create a great party! 

Eating: My love affair for pitta breads and ice is still going strong but I've recently rediscovered Golden Grahams in Tesco...I feel like my life is complete.

Doing: Filling in applications for college to do beauty therapy...I've got one interview so far...scary stuff!

Watching: Britain Unzipped.  I love hearing the strange and slightly wrong things that get aired! 

Wanting: A bikini body! 

What about you, what have you been reading, loving, appreciating, eating, doing, watching or wanting?

I hope you're all well 



  1. Lovely post! Nice idea :)
    I've been reading the hunger games, loving my family and friends, appreciating life, eating a fair amount of Jordan's nut cereal bars, doing a lot of long days at work, watching true blood and wanting the sunshine to come back! :)


    1. Thanks!! I thought it was nice to have a bit of a random collection! I really want to read the hunger games, I've got a couple of books I'm dying to read first but they are on my list! I so want the sunshine back too! x