Sunday, 25 March 2012

Beautiful Sunny Sunday!!

Hello shiny pretty people! (I don't think anyone reads this, so Hello Cyber Space!!)

The clocks went back last night but miraculously I was positively wide awake at ten to eight, I regrettably decided to stay in bed until half past by which time all desire to get up had left me!! I'm glad I did though because on entering the kitchen I found my housemate's mum (she's come to stay, we don't just keep her under the stairs to cook for us...although I wish we could!) half way though making two sorts of chocolate icing to go on a delicious looking cake she has made! I can't wait to eat it, and would very much like to have that for breakfast! Alas, I must wait until socially acceptable cake eating time arrives.

It is beautifully sunny in Cardiff and it really does feel like summer is well and truly on its way hooray hurrah hooray!! 

The lighting is hideous sorry! 
A very subtle smokey eye, and Viva Glam V. 

I'm going to watch my housemate in her choir concert this afternoon and it feels like a very apt thing to do on a day like today! 

Many hours later...

The concert was amazing, and the orchestra was lovely, I felt like I was in a Jane Austin novel (I was definitely born in the wrong era!!). And even more amazing with the tea that was provided by my housemate's mum (she is now under the stairs ready to whip up breakfast tomorrow) - we had cocktail sausages, cheese and pineapple, home made scones, easter cake, it was perfect!! 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Finally taken the plunge!

Hello and welcome!

I've finally taken the plunge and decided to write a blog - big pat on the back for me! I intend to indulge myself well and truly by chattering away about lots of shiny pretty things that I see and like! 

In my head I like to think of myself as some form of domestic goddess, akin to Nigella but without the tousled hair midnight feasts...who actually does that?! And no, I do not own a red silk dressing gown or any other such creepy garments!  I am also a self confessed productaholic...I can't get enough of all the lovely potions and lotions out there! I have far too many nail varnishes and much too much make up but I simply love love love it all so it's got to stay!! I love art as well, although I've been very slack recently and have done very little other than think of doing arty bits and's not been very successful - nothing has magically created itself!! 

I'm currently doing an evening course in Make-Up and Manicure so I'll keep you posted on how that is going as the course progresses!! 

Sparkly chocolate cupcake goodness! 

Thank you for reading this and fingers crossed I actually continue to write this!!