Saturday, 5 May 2012

Can a tweezer really be too good?

I ask this question because I thought the answer was 'surely not', and having left my trusty Boots Precision Grip Slanted Tweezers in Cardiff when I came home for Easter, I went out and purchased these Tweezerman LTD Slanted Tweezers which carry a much heftier price tag thinking that I was making an investment and I'd have them for yonks.  This is probably the case, I expect they will last well as I find Tweezerman to be a reliable brand who make good quality stuff to help you look pruned and pretty.  However, and this is potentially a very individual however, I think these tweezers are just too sharp, and they seem to cut the hair rather than pluck it, which is not the desired result otherwise i'd just whip the razor out wouldn't I?!  I remember once I was having a wax (with a new beautician) and I said I plucked in between waxing and she asked me how did I know I was plucking the hairs rather than snapping them off, and I just thought what a silly question, of course I know I'm plucking them because my tweezers grab the entire hair and the little root is plain as day.  I now understand her query because these tweezerman tweezers do seem to just sheer off the hair instead of yanking the little blighter out!! 

For a lot of people this might not be a problem other than the fact that you'd just have to pluck more often.  But personally I find it very bothersome. I've been having my eyebrows, bikini line and thighs waxed for about eight years and as a result my hairs have finally begun to grow back a lot finer, and more sparse and this is because I don't shave them off, I just get the suckers by the root!  Anyway this has given me somewhat of a phobia about cutting these hairs off at skin level (shaving or otherwise) as I fear that I will once again have monstrous dark hairs  (this particularly applies to my thighs as obviously my eyebrows are black and that's totally fine!)

Am I the only one who has found this with tweezerman tweezers? Or indeed any other brand? Or am I just using them wrong? And on the other hand, which tweezers do you think do the trick for you?  


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