Sunday, 6 May 2012

The mother of all hauls!

I have been itching to go to town and go mad on make-up for days now, and until the other day I had managed to restrain myself, but the desire got too much and I positively ran to town (lets be realistic, it was a power walk) and what ensued was some kind of snatch and grab activity at every make up counter I came across.  I literally went mad.  I now feel a bit sick with guilt but at the time I was just desperate, which does make me sound a bit like a crack addict, but what can I say surely cosmetics is a safer habit to have?! I probably wont need to ever buy make-up again after this ridiculous escapade but I wonder how long it will take for the need to take over once again?! 

I want to post a photo of the make up but I'm actually embarrassed by my actions, so instead feast your eyes on a visual representation of my insanity!! 

P.S - I promise this was for fancy dress. 


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