Friday, 31 August 2012

MAC Painterly Paint Pot: Review

For £14.50 I was initially a bit disappointed with this product.  I don't know what I really expected, I knew it wasn't going to be anything exceptional to look at, but opening this product to see a bland paste play dough/putty kind of thing made me feel a bit *meh*. It may not look like a star product but believe you me, it's superb!

I own Urban Decay's Primer Potion, and nice as it is (and it is great), it does sometimes go a bit weird where it meets my foundation at the very edge of my eye (which seems impossible to budge).  Painterly on the other hand, applies really easily; I just pat it on with my ring finger, and then I slap my eye shadow on! It gets rid of the horrible red that rims my eyes, and it makes applying eyeshadow an absolute dream; the colour of the shadows appears intensified and your eyelids become the smoothest canvas to apply product.

Worn alone, this Paint Pot can be used to just even out the eyelid.  For me personally, this is a nice extra step when I just want to wear eyeliner and mascara, or mascara on it's own (this is very often) because the discolouration is taken away and it makes the liner/mascara stand out more. 

I've found that the best way to store Paint Pots is lid down, as this helps to prevent the product from drying out.  It's also very important to make sure the lid is securely fastened because you don't want any of that moisture escaping, and if you're using this for a long period of time (on a shoot for example) then just put it face down on a clean table top in between uses for the same reason.

What are your favourite eye shadow primers? Or are you lucky enough to get away without needing it?


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Current Loves

Book Stieg Larsson The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo I tried to read this a while ago but I just couldn't get into it, I've given it another go though and I'm loving it.

Nail Varnish Jessica Geleration French Manicure I love Geleration manicures, they're long lasting, quite drying and brilliant.  Having said this though, I have got a chip in one of my nails after only a couple of days though - not cool after two days of its 2 week expected lifespan!!

Face Product Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel I've got a whole blog post coming up about this very soon, it's been a beautiful product to use this summer - lightweight, beautiful and it smells delicious! 

Lip Product It's got to be Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm, this is probably my most favourite summer product, click on the product name above and read my full review of it! 

Hair Product Tangle Teezer running this little beauty through my hair after a shower just makes it so easy to work with.  I've been using this on my 11 year old God daughter's hair and I'm the only one who has been able to brush her gorgeous long hair without making her cry, so that's got to be a winner! 

Drink Morrisons Apple and Elderflower High Juice plenty of ice and a nice tall glass is summer drink perfection! 

Food Homemade Butternut Squash Soup with Chilli and Ginger If you'd be interested I'll do a blog post on this recipe? 

Website I've become a twitter addict recently and I never thought that would happen to me because I couldn't get why people loved twitter so much until relatively recently! If you want to follow me its @martinalice22

Place The beach living in North Cornwall has disadvantages (being an hour and a bit drive away from any decent shops) and advantages, and the beaches are a massive advantage.  Rain or shine they're always impressive but on those days of brilliant sunshine they are incredible and I feel so lucky to live where I do, and I honestly wouldn't want to be anywhere else while I'm admiring the area that's on my doorstep! 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Creme

This was the beginning the end in terms of my failure to stick to my spending ban.  In my defense I'm going to pass the blame on to somebody else, and that somebody is Anna, who mentioned that this was on sale on BeautyBay.  I was forced to pause the video and make my purchase in a frantic dash (it appears to be becoming a bit of a habit) before I resumed watching her wonderful video! 

To be perfectly honest I don't know why it has taken me so long to get my hands on this wonderful product, it has been on my list of products I've lusted over for years and years (that's a slight exaggeration but you get my drift!).  Having said that, highlighter is one of the products that I tend to neglect, highlighter and prime.  I think the reason for this is a fear of 'the glitter-ball face' crossed with 'the so much grease you could fry an egg face' - yes, I'm phobic of shine, and looking back over my makeup history, it has been a good five or six years since I gave up the shine and shimmer in favour of matte products. As I'm a week away from the grand old age of 23 I thought it was time I faced up to this particular fear and embrace the subtle and lovely shine (cue Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Creme).  The word dewy appeals to me, having said that it is frightfully close to the word wet - not a look I look I wish to sport! And wet is something I think I look scarily close to sometimes when I use Benefit High Beam (and I just hate the way it applies - it just looks like a smear *vile word* that smudges all my foundation!).

Hmm, I got a little sidetracked...back to this wonderful product! 
It is available in two shades, Ice Gold and Rose Gold; I chose Ice Gold basically because Tanya Burr and Anna and the like use it, and I'm on a quest to look like them!! I would like to get the warmer toned Rose Gold too but all in good time hey! 

Monday, 27 August 2012

Monday Questionnaire

Again this is nabbed from Amarixe. I love reading these questionnaires, they're a nice insight into people's lives and being a nosey parker that suits me just fine!! 

1. Mood:
Content, I've done lots of cooking which makes me feel good.
2. What is your favorite article of clothing to shop for?
To be perfectly honest I'm not a massive fan of clothes shopping at all any more.
3. Three hours ago, I was ____________.
Eating a very late lunch after a walk to the beach
4. Current nail polish:
A Jessica Geleration French Manicure
5. When is the last time you read an actual paper newspaper (not digital)?
Ohh too long - I feel shamed.  It was during the Olympics
6. Current outfit:
Superdry trackie bottoms, Topshop vest top and a big slouchy Topshop jumper
7. What is your natural hair texture?
I've got pretty fine wavy hair.
8. Would you rather go a week without your phone or a week without your computer?
Probably my computer seeing as I can basically do everything I need to on my phone. 
9. What is your favorite musical?
Ohh that's a tricky one, maybe Chicago...
10. Weekly goals:
Blog lots, plan my packing for my move and keep up my skin routine (i've been so busy that it's slipped a bit recently)

I'd love to read your answers to these questions (posted below) so either leave them as a comment, or post a link to your blog if you write a post.


.) Mood:
2.) What is your favorite article of clothing to shop for?
3.) Three hours ago, I was ____________.
4.) Current nail polish:
5.) When is the last time you read an actual paper newspaper (not digital)?
6.) Current outfit:
7.) What is your natural hair texture?
8.) Would you rather go a week without your phone or a week without your computer?
9.) What is your favorite musical?
10.) Weekly goals:

Because obviously I needed another blush...Illamasqua Nymph

Despite the fact that I was able to resist the Illamasqua sale a month or so ago for some reason I was incapable to hold back when they offered free Liquid Metals with purchases over a certain amount...and of course I felt it was essential to order an excessive amount.  

First off is Nymph, which is a gorgeous pale bubblegum baby pink.  This is a first for me, I'm usually a peachy pink blush kinda gal, but I'd been after MAC's Well Dressed but thought I'd try this instead.  Comparing the two in terms of price makes me sound like a bit of a fool, Nymph set me back £16.50 (from Illamasqua online) for 4.5g, whereas Well Dressed comes in at £17.50 but you get an extra 1.5g.  I'm not too worried though as blushes tend to last me a long time, so fingers crossed the same can be said for Nymph.

It's a beautifully pigmented blush that feels like silk when you swatch it.  I've noticed that Illamasqua blushes do throw up a quite a bit of powder when you swirl your brush in them, and I've got to admit that this does annoy me.  I hate messy products and I also hate waste...grrr!! I'm sure this wouldn't bug most people but hey, it's my blush and I'll cry over it if I want to haha.

I've not worn it yet but as soon as I do I'll update this post or include it in a FOTD (something I've only done once before I think!)

What are your favourite tones of blusher? Are you a candy pink, a peach, or a bright magenta kind of gal?


Saturday, 25 August 2012

MAC Supernova

This is a classic tale of love at first sight.  As soon as I lay eyes on the rich glittery magenta with a swirl of burnt bronzy gold I knew we'd get on just fine, and let me tell you, this little beauty does not disappoint.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

NOTD: China Glaze and Essie

Ok, I caved! MAC haul!

So, the spending ban, anyone remember that? No, clearly I didn't either! In my defense *lame excuse coming up - wouldn't hold up in a court of law* I see this more as a reward after a stressful day, and a present from myself for completing another step on the new path my life is taking...told you it was lame! Basically, I was in Brighton finalising some stuff with college and I actually felt pretty excited and proud of myself, and the sun was shining and I must have got lost because I mysteriously found myself in the MAC shop! As ever, I went in with my eye on one thing Supernova from the Heavenly Creature collection and came out with an additional six does this happen (I blame the really lovely MUA who was helping me!)?!

Here is a round up of what I got...

  • Supernova Mineralize Blush (Heavenly Creatures Colour collection)
  • Russian Red lipstick 
  • Redd lip pencil (obviously needed it to compliment Russian Red)
  • Spiked eye brow pencil
  • Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus to try to take the vile shine away
  • Mineralize Eye Shadow in Earthly (Heavenly Creatures Eyes collection)
  • 263 angled brush, the synthetic cousin if you will of the 266 
Yes, I went crazy.  I'm sorry.

If you want I'm going to do full reviews and swatchy swatches of each product in the near future?! 


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Review: Angels On Bare Skin

Angels On Bare Skin: the reviews and ravings about this product is nothing new on the bloggosphere, but it is a new product to me, so I thought I'd stick my oar in so to speak and let you know what me and my face think of this facial cleanser from Lush.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Monday Night Maintenance

It's Monday evening and I'm tired, but I am also well aware of the fact that I've neglected my skin/nails/hair etc for too long now so it's time to get my act together (but quickly - and without too much effort, because like I said, I'm tired!)

Step 1 - Skin
I whipped on my favourite face mask of the moment - The Five Minute Thermal Detox Mask by the Sanctuary (full post on it here), then donned my brothers nice big old school headphones and proceeded to shut my eyes and chill out to a bit of Bob Marley, some Rudimental, Awolnation, and Van Morrison...bit of a mixture I know!  I've just washed it off, and slathered my newly smooth skin with Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and a good layer of my Liz Earle moisturiser and now my skin feels better than it has in a while and it's nice and clean ready for bed! 

Step 2 - Nails
I wanted to give myself a full mani and pedi this evening but I'm bloody knackered that the extent of my nail tlc has been a good massage of cuticle oil (Jessica Phenomen Oil) and a nice thick layer of hand cream will be coming my way before I drop off to sleep (not applied it now as nobody wants a sticky hand cream keyboard!)

Step 3 - Hair
I just can't let go of the Olympics so this evening I will be going to bed in my own version of the swimming cap...that's right ladies, I'm going to wrap my head in cling film before I go to sleep.  No, it's not a crazy fetish, I'm going to melt down some trusty coconut oil and coat my hair in it before wrapping it up to keep it warm - this way it can do it's magic over night and I'll be left looking like something out of a L'Oreal advert (this has never happened before but I refuse to give up!)  A full post on my beloved coconut oil swimming hat combo coming soon - bet you can't wait you lucky things! 

And that's it - minimal effort, but hopefully it's enough to keep me from the edge of looking like a deranged crazy lady!! 

Review: Bdellium Tools Smoky Eyes Brush Set

As promised, here is my review of the Bdellium Tools "Smoky Eyes" 5pc. Brush Set.  I've got the Mineral Set ad the Foundation one too but I thought one set at a time was the best way to do these reviews.

I'm an idiot and didn't notice that an extra brush had slipped in - there are only 5 in the set  just to clarify.

It's been a while!

Holy cow I haven't blogged for ages and I've been oh so aware of it - I've really missed it - but I have been ridiculously busy over the past week and a bit with numerous visitors coming to stay (with small children and tiny babies that need entertaining and cuddles), I also travelled a casual 500 miles to get to Brighton to essentially sign my name and hand over money in order to enroll at college, and then we were inundated by more guests and spent yesterday baking and celebrating my dad's 56th birthday and of course watching the closing ceremony for the Olympics.  Phew that took a while to write!! 

I have been absolutely loving the Olympics, I've been soaring on a constant feeling of national pride over the past two weeks.  I am in love with Great Britain and so inspired and in awe of all that we have achieved, and I can't wait to see even more from the ParaOlympics! As a host nation I think we did incredibly well and I'm so proud that we managed to pull it off and show all those that doubted the capability of all those involved, that we can do it, and do it exceptionally well! 

I've cried quite a lot while watching The Games; there are so many raw emotions, from elation and relief, to bitter disappointment and pain, and I have genuinely felt like I've been a part of it, and have felt a sliver of it all.  I've got to say that I think the BBC's coverage was brilliant and they did a great job of keeping us informed and involved throughout! 

I could keep on gushing about my love of the Olympics but I feel I ought to stop now - I think you all get a taste of just how proud and inspired I feel! 

In other news...
As I mentioned before, I have officially enrolled at City College Brighton and Hove to study Beauty Therapy - money has left my account and I feel like there is no going back! I'm both daunted and excited by the prospect of this new start and I can't wait to keep you all updated as I move through this new stage of my life - eek!! I can't wait to be submerged in the culture of Brighton, and to find myself once more back home in the loving embrace of my massive and gorgeous family - I'm a lucky lady!! 

I've also weakened - I've read Fifty Shades of Grey, and what's more, I'm now reading the next one Fifty Shades of Darker! I could go on for a while about these books as I have opinions on everything from the quality of the writing to the way it portrays women and everything in-between but I won't do it here (let me know if you'd like a post on my thoughts?!)

The famous Fifty Shades!
I've also raved about the Making of Us here

I've really missed blogging, and communicating with everyone through it and all I can say is that I've got one hell of a lot of blog reading and commenting to do as well as writing a shed load of posts for you all!! 

I hope you're all well! 

Friday, 3 August 2012

Lemon Sugar and Kiss Me On My Tulips

The sun is out, and so the sun shall shine on my nails! On my fingers I've gone for Lemon Sugar by Avon.  It's part of the nailwear pro+ line, and it applies like a dream, it took three coats to achieve a streak free opacity (damn you pale yellows!) but I really love the finish!  It's a beautiful bright milky yellow and I don't own anything else like it.  I've never really thought that a yellow polish would suit me, and I still believe I wouldn't be able to pull off a bright sunflower yellow, but I think Lemon Sugar suits my skin tone and sits nicely on my nails (feel free to let me know if I'm way off!).  My one big gripe with this polish is believe it or not, the lid/brush; it's a square lid and the brush on mine was set off centre if you can picture it, so you have to hold it on the corners rather than on the flat to get the right angel of the brush on your nails, and although it doesn't make application impossible it does just make it a bit more of a challenge! 
I wore this to the pub last night, and as I was sat staring at a fantastic sunset sipping my coke I couldn't help but catch a glimpse of my nails and grinning at their lemon meringue-y goodness! 

To compliment this, on my toes I've gone for OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips which is a lovely bright fuschia - a bright bubblegum which looks so lovely with the slight tan on my feet! 

I'm hoping that these bright colours will encourage the sun to burn off these intermittent clouds and bring that heat wave back! 

What are your favourite summer nail colours? 

Thursday, 2 August 2012

July Favourites!

I know that everyone says this but I really cannot believe that we are in August already! July has been incredibly busy for me and it seems to have flown by but I can't believe how much I have crammed into one month; I've completed the prestigious Pixiwoo Makeup Course, I've had several interviews and landed myself places at two colleges in Brighton, and I've spent a week caring for my granny! 

Anyway, enough about how I've filled my month, and more about my favourites! 

I've got to start with a non beauty favourite really, which is my Moleskine Diary! I love it! And considering how crazy this month has been I don't know where I would be without it! 

Clarins Color Quench Lip Balm see my full review here
This has been my lip gloss of choice this month, and I've found this to be the only gloss I've reached for so it's got to be a winner! I adore the scent, and miraculously it isn't sticky at all so you barely know you're wearing it other than the delicious smell!

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
I'm yet to do a full review of this foundation but I promise there will be one soon. 
This has been the only thing I've been using if I've wanted to wear a foundation, it's lightweight but gives a lovely buildable coverage and it feels like you're applying silk to your skin!

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
I've been using this to apply my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and I find it helps it to glide on like a dream.  I've also been using this on the days when I've favoured just a bit of concealer (I couldn't handle a full face of makeup in the heat!) and I've simply buffed the concealer in with this to give some coverage where I need it (which realistically is in quite a lot of places!)

Benefit Hoola 
This has been my favourite bronzing powder for the past two years so it's only fair it gets a mention! It really is the perfect bronzer; it's matte, it doesn't make me look orange, it is a great contour colour as well as for creating an all over sun-kissed glow - can you tell I love it?! 

Estee Lauder Peach Nuance
Just like Hoola, this has been a firm favourite for what seems like an eternity and I really don't know what I'd do without it, it's the perfect peach in my humble opinion and it adds a natural summery flush to the cheeks all year round! 

Avene Thermal Water Spray
Yes I am probably an idiot for paying £6 for water in a can but to be perfectly honest I don't care! In the hot weather (which I have LOVED) this has been my saviour - I've just been spritzing this on my face (legs, arms, chest, get the drift) to instantly refresh myself and try to prevent myself from melting! 

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr in On and On Bronze
I've been wearing pretty low key makeup for most of the month (my skin needed it after the pasting it took on the makeup course) and I've been loving just smudging a bit of this onto my lids to give a hint of something with minimal effort! 

Garnier Intensive 7 Days Hydrating Lotion
For my full review click here
I love this moisturiser, and it has been particularly amazing in the hot weather because it cools your skin as it glides on, and it feels slightly like a gel rather than a lotion at times, which is great because it doesn't feel at all heavy or sticky on the skin (nothing worse on a hot night!).  After a day in the sun you can really feel this sinking in to leave you lusciously moisturised still in the morning! A summer time delight! 

And now, for another non beauty favourite - I give you the one and only Percy Pig
On his first taste of a Percy Pig my rather intoxicated cousin described them as such 
"the texture!  It's incredible, easy going yet resistant!" 

Do you have any favourites that I ought to check out? Please let me know if you do! 

And I'd love to hear from you on twitter @martinalice22
and my instagram is alicemagints - I really want to try to post more photos on there!!