Monday, 14 May 2012

Garnier Intensive 7 Days

Garnier Body : Intensive 7 Days Hydrating Lotion with L-Bifidus 

I'm not going to lie and say that I bought this because I've heard great things or that I was drawn to it because of it's amazing claims - quite simply, I bought it because it was on offer in Boots, and I can't refuse a bargain.  I was after a nice everyday moitsuriser and this fitted the bill.

It makes some pretty impressive claims, I don't think I've come across a product that tries to sell you seven days worth of soft skin (although if you read the small print this is after four weeks of application morning and night) and although I've not been using it for long enough to truly put it to the test I really like it so far.  It has a really luxurious thick gel-like formula and it smoothes into the skin like a dream, and is quickly absorbed.  It smells delicious as well, I can't tell you what it smells of exactly but the scent lingers and I've been complimented on my scent and it's all been down to this (which I always think it the telling sign of a good moisturiser).  And now to the really important part - does it do the job? Yes, yes it does! My skin feels like silk all day long, so much so that I caught myself stroking my arms randomly throughout the day (thankfully I was alone as doing this in public might lead to social expulsion!).  Like I said, I haven't given this a proper trial in terms of morning and evening use for four weeks to see if it really does live up to its claim, but really I don't need something that will moisturise me for that long, I'm happy to use it once daily (or whenever I can be bothered more like) and let it work its magic for me then.  I'm also not going to pretend I was wowed by the fact it's got L-Bifidus in it, if I'm honest I haven't got a clue what it is even though I read the back of the bottle...if it's what makes this moisturiser lovely then thank you little L-Bifidus but to be honest I don't care what it is that's done the trick, as long as it can do it! 

So all in all, a lovely product that also had a lovely price tag thanks to the offer here, but even without a pound off it's only £2.99 which I thinks a very reasonable price.  Garnier always seems to have some kind of offer on so I would really recommend checking this product out if you fancy something that feels and smells luxurious and makes you silky smooth but doesn't carry a hefty price tag!  

What do you think's important in a moisturiser? Is it the packaging? The smell? How quickly it absorbs? Or how long the effects seem to last? What's your favourite lotion to slather yourself in?

As always the background that this product was photographed on is a beautiful blanket by the amazing Gabrielle Vary, check her stuff out here, she is so talented and creates some amazing pieces...I want it all! 



  1. i was going to buy this product today, only the cocoa butter variant. Yay for a positive review. I stumbled across your blog and how ironic that you review this product :) great post

    1. Thank you, I'm so glad you liked this post. The cocoa butter one sounds lovely - If you do get it please let me know what you think of it! x

  2. Thank you, I'm so glad you liked this post. The cocoa butter one sounds lovely - If you do get it please let me know what you think of it! x