Friday, 11 May 2012

Sat in a bean can

Today has been spent traveling via a multitude of very unexciting modes of transport - namely my feet (for a very long sweaty walk), two trains, a sick inducing bus and then a car - how can it be that an entire day has been taken up getting from Cardiff to Cornwall!? It also happened to be that this is the only sunny day we have had in weeks and I spent the whole of it in some form of moving baked bean can!  On the final leg of the journey though we drove past the pub and as chance would have it some of my friends were having a drink outside, so I had a pint of lime and soda sat in the glorious sunshine (in the freezing wind) looking out over the most beautiful vista.  I didn't take any photos because my phone was in the car but I just had to write about it because it was lovely, and it has restored my faith in the fact that it might be possible for us to have a summer! 

Beauty posts to come very soon! 


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