Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

I held off buying this for quite a while because, well to be quite honest, I didn't need it.  And do you know what, I still don't, but that didn't stop me from getting it, and it sure as hell doesn't stop me from loving it! 

This has got to be the first nail varnish remover that doesn't smell rank or leave your fingers feeling either really greasy or stripped of all moisture.  It is acetone free which is a real bonus, because except for professional salon non-acetone removers I am yet to find a high street make that does the job in under ten minutes a nail (I wish I was joking).  Now, on to the speed of polish removal, I'm going to go there and say that the 1 second claim is a little far fetched but hey I guess if you only had one coat on it might whip it off that quickly. Anyway, it doesn't matter that it isn't one second because it's probably only around five to six and then your nails are squeaky clean.  I also found that it doesn't leave any discolouration around your nail when you take off dark colours which I've found a right pain in the bum with conventional polish removing techniques. It is also just so easy! I popped this small pot in my wash bag when I went away this week and knew I'd be sorted - no running out of cotton wool or worrying about the top coming loose and leaking rank smelling acetone over all your stuff. At £4.99 from Boots, I think this is a little gem and I can definitely see myself repurchasing it.  

Now, if only they'd come up with one for your toes....


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