Monday, 30 July 2012

Naughty Promotion Emails!

I've just had to force myself to leave The Body Shop website (and my rather full virtual basket - that's the trouble with a virtual basket it never gets heavy enough to shock me into stopping or putting items back!) after receiving an email informing me of a 50% sale on certain Body Butters, including my faithful friend Mango! If you've read this post (please do if you need someone to make you feel better about yourself and your spending habits) then you'll know that I recently went a bit OTT on the sale of Raspberry Body Butter, and so you'll know, that I categorically will not need another moisturiser for the next millennia.  Yet still I found myself metaphorically lobbing more and more things into my basket.  Well, this has got to stop! I do not have the money, nor the storage capacity to keep up with this ridiculous spending pattern I've got myself into (do not let me fool you into thinking that this was a one off) and the last time I checked I only had one body and one face (although I do have more than one chin so maybe it's slightly justified?!) and I can't possibly get through all of the products I've been hoarding.  So enough is enough, and I Alice Martin, am on a self imposed spending ban.

Phew that gave me the shivers just airing that news in public, but I am, and I have been for a few weeks and it feels...good.  I know I almost broke it just now (damn you Body Shop) but it's actually felt good to just lust after things instead of convincing myself I need to own them right away! 

I'm not saying I will never splurge again (it's me we're talking about) and I do have a 'wish list' as long as my leg (arm wouldn't cut it) but for now it is quite refreshing to sit back and watch the beauty world go buy and contentedly shop my stash instead of splashing the cash.

So I promise, that all reviews that have been posted recently, and all that are to come for a while, will be products that I bought in my manic days of doing a snatch and grab of the makeup counters! I will own up if I break the ban, or when I've decided I've been good enough to shop again, but until then I'll bask in the virtuous feeling I have right now! 



  1. I'm struggling my way through a spending ban right now > . < It's so hard to resist special offers and lovely things :P Good luck with yours :) x

    1. It's really hard isn't it!! How long are you aiming to keep it up? And good luck to you too! xx