Friday, 6 July 2012

OPI: Care to Danse?

This is just a quick post about OPI's Care to Danse? 

Care to Danse? is part of the New York Ballet collection from OPI.  As the name suggests, all the shades in this range are pastel and neutral but I've found that in this case, it doesn't make them any less striking.  I just kept looking at my nails, they looked sophisticated, elegant and pretty all at once.  Another amazing thing about this polish is the texture, it is like a gel and on your nails it really does feel like a gel to touch, so smooth...cue crazy amounts of finger stroking (well that sounds plain filthy doesn't it?)

I applied three coats and love the finish.

Have any of you tried and polishes from this collection? What do you prefer, neutrals or bright for your nails?



  1. I bought the minis for this collection but I wasnt really happy with the colours, This colour was the only one that didnt make me look like I was dead!

    1. I saw that you had bought the minis, and I'm so sorry you don't like them - I hate it when you feel like you've thrown money away...maybe they'd liven up with a sparkly topcoat? I'm glad I only went for this one then!!


  2. LOVE this, I go through stages of wanting soft pastels on my nails. My go-to colour is pale pink, I love it. =)