Sunday, 22 July 2012

It's been a long one.

My day started at 2am when I drove to Exeter to collect my brother and his friends from their travels in Morocco.  As I left the house this morning I was struck by what a beautiful part of the world I live in; the sky was glowing under the light of a zillion stars (and I saw my first shooting star!) and it just felt so peaceful and comforting.  As I drove down deserted roads and dawn began to break it felt like I was part of something pretty special, the only other people on the road were truckers and it was like I had a ticket to the premier showing or something equally exclusive! 

As I made the return journey with my weary passengers the sun rose like a fire ball and the mist lay low over the ground, it was a perfect and quite ethereal sight.  I would have loved to have taken some photos but I felt a dual carriage-way (even if I was the only one on the road) probably wasn't prime position to try to get a shot! I drove via the beach and even though I've seen it a thousand times it warmed my heart to see the stillness of the beach with the gentle waves.  What really shocked me was my brothers response to coming home, he seemed overwhelmed by the beauty in a way, and said he lived in the most amazing place in the world (and considering he's just returned from an epic trip is high praise indeed!)  After today and yesterday I can't help but agree, I've laid in the garden listening to nothing but the sounds of the birds fighting on the bird feeder and it has felt like heaven, and my soul feels a tonne lighter for it.

Why would I want to be anywhere else? 


  1. shit, your brother was in morocco? i'm SO jealous -- morocco is on my bucket list!!
    ha ha, i can't believe you just saw your first shooting star as well -- congrats!
    but this photo is crazy beautiful. i just got back from vacation at my cabin, and the relaxation and all of the beauty just makes me appreciate where i stand even more :)


    1. I know, I am so jealous as well - that's the second time he's been and each times makes me want to go more and more!!
      I don't know how I've never seen one before, or maybe I have but totally forgotten about it!
      I'm glad you've had a lovely relaxing time, it's amazing what a bit of sunshine can do I think when it's sunny I get this view every evening and I can't help but be amazed each and every time!!


  2. laying in a garden listening to sounds of birds must be heaven!

    1. It really does make me feel so lucky to live where I do x

    2. And thank you so much for following my blog :) xx