Monday, 23 April 2012

Decleor Aroma Cleanse.

I am an absolute sucker for beauty products and I am a salesman's dream, I will literally buy whatever anybody tells me to buy, or sign up for any charity I am stopped by much to the dismay of my bank balance.  I was asking my lovely beautician friend about which cleanser she would recommend (I was running dangerously low on my Clinique three step program), and this is what she uses and sells in the salon, and of course she only had to wave the muslin cloth in my face and I was sold, I think it was £25, which is pretty steep but I buy first think later where these things are concerned! I also bought the Aromessence Neroli oil (which I didn't really need but can't say I'm surprised I did it!).  Once I got home I was filled once more with shopping remorse and guilt, but now I can look back over the past ten months or so that we have been in face washing harmony for and think it was money well spent! 

So some product info for you: 
Full product name: Hydra-Radiance Smoothing & Cleansing Mousse 
Volume of product: 100ml
Comes with: 2 wonderfully soft muslin cloths and a nice little bag to keep it all in
Price: £26 from Decleor here or for £22.50 from feelunique here (so if I were you I'd get it from Feel Unique and check out the Decleor site for more product information)

I might be a big beauty spender but I need to eek everything out and get my moneys worth, and with this product this is made so so easy. You really do only need a pea sized amount, (which is about half a pump) I squeeze a little out onto wet hands and rub them together to get a velvety lather and then really massage it into my skin (although lets be honest here, sometimes when I'm tired all massaging goes out the window and I just slap it on, but the results are just as good!).  I then rinse the muslin cloth under warm water and squeeze it out so it's only damp (but still warm) and use it to wipe away the mousse, it really does feel like you are stroking your face with the softest combination of things imaginable!  I like to kind of smooth the cloth upwards to get every last bit of grime off my face (if you only stroke downwards you might not get under all the little hairs).  Once you do this you are left with baby soft skin, you truly are, and it just makes you look all radiant and glowy.  I feel properly clean after using this cleanser, and it's so lightweight and fresh. It's like the getting into a freshly made bed feeling but on your face if you know what I mean...and we all love getting into a freshly made bed!! 

Because Decleor use so many lovely ingredients this is a really natural and nurturing thing to put on your skin which I like because my poor old skin doesn't half get a pasting, I love the sun, I love make up, and I am forever touching my face (if I have a spot I can't leave it alone, I just can't) so there must be so much dirt and damage done to my poor little moon face that it just needs this twice a day as a breath of fresh air and a reminder that I love it and really do appreciate everything that it does for me! 

I also use the Tonifying Lotion, Aromessence Neroli oil, Hydra Floral Anti-Pollution - Flower Nectar Moisturising Cream and Neroli Essential Night Balm (crikey I am in love with Decleor).  But don't worry I bought all these things over a long period of time.  When I bought the Neroli Oil, it came with minis of the night balm and moisturiser so I used these until I'd saved some more and then I bought the moisturiser in full size, and I got the night balm for Christmas (lucky me!) They are all available from Decleor online or Feel Unique, alternatively if you like to see products first and speak to someone in the know then there are Decleor counters in many big department stores, John Lewis and House of Fraiser for shizzle (well ones that I've been to anyway!). 

I'm going to do separate reviews on the other items at another time as this is pretty long as it is...I hope I haven't bored you to tears.

The blanket/throw that my product is sitting on is made by the amazing Gabrielle Vary, and you really should check out her stuff if you're life is lacking a bit of handmade luxury knitwear or on Not On The High Street - she happens to be one of my oldest friends and I love her dearly but her pieces really are beautiful, we have three of her cushions and the throw all in the same design and they bring our lounge to life! She doesn't know I'm writing about her (none of my friends know I blog!) so please don't think I'm just mentioning her out of duty, I'm not, she's just ridiculously talented! 

What is you favourite cleanser of the moment? Or you favourite soft furnishings for that matter?


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