Friday, 27 April 2012

I passed!

I did it, I did it!! I passed both the practical assessment and the exam that I had on Monday!  It feels like it has been so so long since I achieved anything or could feel an ounce of pride, and boy oh boy does it feel good to have that feeling back in my life! 

This doesn't mean I'm not scared to death about my next exam (on Monday) but hey I bloody well did it this time, so I can jolly well do it again...I must keep telling myself that! 

And yes, I did do a celebratory punch in the air on finding out I'd passed my exam, then do a crazy dance, then run into the lounge shrieking with excitement to my housemates...over reaction? - I think not! 

I'm sorry if this comes across as me just basically bragging or showing off or anything but I really am not meaning to do that, I am just feeling proud of myself and this is a massive mile stone for me so I'm sharing it! It's the little victories! 



  1. awww well done :)
    also your blog is awesome!!

    1. Thank you very much, my first comment, that feels special!! I'll check out your blog! :)