Sunday, 15 April 2012

Another Perfect Sunday

Reading Post Secret with a cup, for me, is the perfect way to start a Sunday.  In fact, I wish I could start every day like this...maybe I should buy one of the books and then I could (although lets face it, I'd sit down and read it all and then I'd be back at square one again).  

I had my 95 year old friend (yes, that's right I'm 22 and I've got a 95 year old friend) over for lunch today, which was really special and lovely.  I gave her a manicure and she was in heaven (not literally - God can you imagine if I'd killed her with some fatal cuticle nipping exercise!), the look on her face as I was giving her a massage was enough to keep me topped up with goodness for a long while, it was the innocent face that I think only children and old people can have - her eyes closed and she had a grin on her face that I've never seen before.  As I was massaging her hands I was a little bit overwhelmed by the thought of just how hard those hands had worked over the past 95 years.  Just trying to think of 95 years of anything seems like a long time, but to have been alive for that long, to have lived through two world wars, two husbands and two broken legs seems pretty awe inspiring.  She brought over some old photographs of her as a child (she was one of 11, but one sister died aged nine) as well as ones of her in her 30s and it was just an incredible portal into another world.  I'm sorry, this is probably a really boring post because none of you know Grace, or the relationship that she and I have forged over the years, but I really did just feel compelled to write something down about it because I think she's amazing even if she does tell me I've got fat and sometimes sends me horrible letters!! She talks of death so easily, really she is wanting and waiting for it to come, but I will miss her so much that I can't even consider her going just yet selfish as that may be.

Everyone deserves to be pampered hey!

My lovely Mum, Grace and myself. 

The sun was shining and the sea was so so sparkly that I just wanted to dive in today and I just feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I was driving along with my music blaring (in a non-antisocial way, and obviously not when Grace was in the car) and I just felt that 'inner smile' for a little bit - I wish I could bottle that feeling and take it as easily as Nurofen! 

I hope you all had a lovely Sunday too!


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