Thursday, 26 April 2012

As if it wasn't bad enough in the first place...

So the fact that I've decided to join a dating website isn't exactly an indicator of a flourishing love life (in case you're wondering if I only joined out of interest, I didn't, things are getting to desperate measures) I have recently had a bit of hilarious interaction via this dating platform - I have to laugh otherwise I might cry!

So my picture for the site is me with one of my friends.  Now maybe this is a rookie mistake but another friend of mine has one similar and I thought it was better than half cropping somebody out so I thought I'd be ok.  Wrong.  I got an email which started with an apology (never good from somebody you've never spoken to before), and they said they thought my friend looked intriguing and that they'd like to get to know her.  It wasn't even sugar coated, like 'you're profile looks great, but I've got to say your friend blah blah blah', nope this person didn't feel like softening the blow at all!! I mean come on, this is why I've had to resort to using a dating website because clearly I'm never going to be in the same league as my friends, yet even in my desperate bid for romance I'm still being used to get to them!! I replied, agreeing that my friend is gorgeous, nothing more, but he persisted, asking if she was single...!! I'm afraid I gave a pretty blunt reply along the lines of 'there's a reason I'm on a dating website and she isn't'...this is also a bit of a white lie, she isn't on the dating site, but she is single.  I know I am a terrible person for not telling the truth, and I was hardly going to pass on her details to this man anyway, but I just didn't want to deal with the humiliation of being bottom of the pile on yet another level!! 

I'm beginning to grow tired of this dating website malarky, at first it was fun reading all the emails and replying to a few but now the emails are fewer and further between and I'm a bit over it all.  I'll let you know if anything else of interest occurs (like a date  -  if only!) 


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