Friday, 20 April 2012

What I'm loving...

Don't get me wrong I love make up and products of all kinds but to be honest, sometimes writing about them takes more effort than my brain is willing to cough up (taking and uploading photos, trying to construct sentences that are remotely understandable etc) so today I thought I'd give my brain a break and just fill you in on bits and bobs.  

So without further ado, what I'm loving at the moment:

- Song -  Sail by Awolnation my brother kept playing this a couple of weeks ago and I simply got hooked, so I like to listen to it often.  The louder the better! 

- Drink - Aero Hot Chocolate, I know it's naughty but boy oh boy this stuff if gooooood! So so creamy and delicious! 

- Food - The Good - Pink Grapefruit, I love them, so sour but yet so sweet and a wonderful way to wake me up when I feel like a zombie (and they taste better when someone else cuts around the segments for you - fact!)
           - The Bad - doughnuts I am in serious danger of getting some form of restraining order dished out by bakeries nation wide...I just can't control myself!

- Nail Varnish - Barry M Berry Ice Cream see my blog post on it here

- Moisturiser - Body Shop Body Butter in Raspberry it truly is the stuff dreams are made of, and I'm going to have to do a separate blog post on it! 

- Random thing - Ice - I am addicted to ice, which might seem like the craziest thing to be addicted to, but I really am.  Like properly addicted (I will eat the ice left at the bottom of my friend's drinks, and I once just started eating the snow on top of a hedge when walking to uni with my friend (rightly so, she slapped me, called me a freak and then walked 10 paces in front of me)) Oh, this really has made me sound like a right mentalist, I'm not always like this I promise.

Anyway thanks for reading my random post, I hope it was interesting (and if not interesting then console yourself with the fact you're probably a lot more sane than I am!)


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