Saturday, 14 April 2012

Product Junkie

I have seriously got to curb my addiction to spending on beauty products, it is getting utterly ridiculous.   I tell myself that because I don't buy clothes (I am repulsed by the sight of myself and changing rooms only reinforce this, so I look like a tramp most of the time) it is totally acceptable to spend elsewhere instead. It isn't, and I'll tell you why - because I don't have any money.  It wouldn't matter if it was clothes, shoes, food or bloody bay leaves I can't afford any of it.  I know this, but when I am around products I literally am like a woman possessed and I simply can't help myself, I just go mad!! 

Here is a nice example of my total inability to control myself... Yesterday I was in boots (to collect a prescription so I needn't have even looked anywhere else for starters) and I decided to see if they had any OPI Nail Envy because I'd been recommended it and I really am trying to look after my nails at the min, see this post They did, they had Sensitive and Peeling from the Nail Envy range so I thought I'd go for it, then, like a mad woman I quickly grabbed OPI Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Replenishing Oil (I already have cuticle oil so definitely don't need it), and I scrabbled around for a few other equally unnecessary products! Today however, I went in to town to have a wax and oh no I couldn't just pay my money for that and leave, I had to buy something (it's like some people 'see red' I just 'see product') so I picked up Jessica Fusion and Jessica Phenomen Oil as well. Now correct me if I am wrong but I do believe they are exactly the same products that I bought yesterday just by a different brand. So why, oh why did I feel the need to purchase them all?!  My beautician even asked me if I was sure (she knows I'm skint) and I still went ahead and did it. What is my problem?! 

I don't know how to make this stop, but it literally happens all the time.  Any suggestions on what to do if you are incapable of controlling your beauty buying would be greatly appreciated! 


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