Sunday, 29 April 2012

Heaven on a plate.

Now I love my mum just because she's my mum, but when she brings me things like this meringue I love her because she knows me so well! 

This meringue was actually the size of my head (and that really is only a tiny bit of an exaggeration), but because of it's exceptional size I was expecting it to actually be all dry and quite likely to choke me if the dust was inhaled, I was however, proved 100% wrong.  Inside it was all gooey and delicious.  I just can't describe how nice it was but I would happily eat it every day so maybe that's a little indication?!  I ate it with fresh English strawberries and whipped double cream and (reluctantly) shared it with my brother and we were both in food heaven...well until we ate so much we felt beyond sick, but if it wasn't for our gluttony the experience would have been perfect! 

Who would have thought that egg whites and sugar could bring a girl so much happiness? But inventor of the meringue I salute you and am your biggest fan! 

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