Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Egg Hunt!

Every year since I was little we've had an Easter egg hunt and instead of stopping it as we got older (I always come home for Easter so there is no excuse not to do it!) my mum and dad have just made it harder and my lovely dad writes us a set of riddles to find each little egg.  For the past three or four years either my brother or I have been ridiculously hungover (almost to the point of being brain dead) but we soldier through and use our last reserves to do the hunt (luckily for me this year it was my brother who was turning green with the mental exertion the riddles were causing!). Today the weather is foul and I assumed on account of the gale force winds and driving rain that the hunt would be a house based one this year... how foolish am I?! Oh no, it was on with the rain coats (and flip flops for the impractical summer feeling) and out into the down pour in the quest for chocolate, and I can now say, as I devour a pack of mini eggs, how much it was worth fighting the rain for. 

I love that we have such cryptic clues and I really wouldn't have it any other way. I feel like I have earned each and every calorie!  I wonder, at what age are you really too old for this kind of thing?

Oh and we had our hunt today as opposed to yesterday (Easter Sunday) because mum and dad were away yesterday and I didn't like the thought of missing it! 

I'm off to put myself in a chocolate induced coma...bring it on! 


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