Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I started my make up and manicure weeks and weeks ago but it wasn't until today, the day we started doing make up, that I decided to use the sample cleanser to make sure I wasn't allergic to it (would have been a disaster if I had been - silly girl!) I thought I'd let you know what I think of the product that I used anyway and as the weeks progress and I use more products from the same brand I'll update you on my thoughts! Anyway the sample I used was Dermalogica 'dermal clay cleanser'.

If I'm being brutally honest my first thoughts about the colour and consistency was that it looked a bit like sea gull poo...a slightly off white, thickish but runny at the same time (this really isn't making it sound any better...) 
So, aside from my childish thoughts about its appearance, I liked it.  I splashed my face with water and then applied half the sachet to my face and I've got to admit I felt the burn - it really did sting the sensitive areas (where it came in to contact with my under-eye skin   (bags!) and around my nose which is always sensitive for me) so I was quite pleased to get it off my face. I used my muslin cloth to remove it as that's just how I like to do it these days being the crazy cat that I am! I was a bit reluctant to reapply it (it does suggest cleansing the skin twice) after the burny burny stingy sensation but I went for it and finished the sachet and I have to admit the second time was better, I think my skin had prepared itself and had its little fists up ready to fight ye olde dermal clay! Once I'd washed all the sea gull poo, I mean clay cleanser, off my skin felt quite tight, which I like to think translates as 'nice and clean'. It claims to 'provide deep-cleansing to oily, congested skin' so this is probably why it felt tight, I always think a deep clean means those poor pores don't stand a chance, see you later natural skin oils! 

At college I was given a more relaxing and thorough cleanse, tone and moisturise using Dermalogica 'Ultra-Calming cleanser', 'multi-active toner' and 'active moist' moisturiser (yuck, can you imagine a worse name combo?!) and I've got to say at the end of it even my thirsty old skin feels super smooth and healthy! So thumbs up from me. And I've got to say that 'ultra-calming' has got to be the way forward for my delicate skin, I do believe it properly chilled out, no getting up tight like it did with the clay! 

Sorry that this has been a boring ramble but hey ho, its good for me to write it down because I always forget how I get on with certain products so I can never tell if it's a good idea or not to repurchase, damn my idiot brain! 

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