Thursday, 5 April 2012

Hello, readers, are you out there?!

I genuinely have no idea whether anyone is reading this. It's unlikey that anyone will be as nobody knows that I write a blog... if you are reading this, don't be shy, say hello and maybe I'll try to write more interesting things if I actually have an audience!! 

It is weird that the thought of people reading this actually makes me feel a little strange.  I'm quite a private person, 'so why on earth have you created a blog?' I hear you cry, well my honest answer is that I don't get to talk about my love of make up with many people or feel I can share many of the random happenings in my brain so I thought the interweb would be a good outlet for these very things!! 

So a big hello to you if you are reading this!! 

This also just made me think of the bit in Titanic where it's like 'is there anybody out there' (shouted in a booming voice out over the icy water littered with people and bits of boat) and my housemate for some reason quite often put on the voice and shout this out - we're odd but we're fine with it. 

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