Wednesday, 11 April 2012

There's No Place Like Home

There is nothing like a weekend at home.  I am so so lucky to have such amazing friends in my home town. I've made friends since leaving school (it would be a bit sad if I hadn't), and don't get me wrong I have made great friends since school. Yet it is only at home that I have so many lovely friends, and we meet up en masse and slot back to exactly as we've always been, we all have our own space and place within the little family we've created.  Obviously there are some within the group that are closer than others, but we all gel and love each other (although you wouldn't think it if you heard us - I think we take 'banter' to the next level!!).  You can laugh with them but they'll be there in full force if you need them too.

I love the fact that we have all dispersed to the far corners of the county (and at times to other countries too) but we all make such an effort to get together when we're home, or we just make our own home elsewhere!! 

We're a big fan of traditions, we have an annual Christmas dinner at my house and this has been going for about five years now.  Any excuse for another feast is greatly appreciated so we've taken to having tea parties (we had one for the Royal Wedding last year but decided we didn't need a wedding to eat cake and catch up so we had another) and flipping heck the spread was incredible.  

A wild night 2009

Our own royal wedding 2011

My annual Christmas Feast 2011

Afternoon Tea Easter 2012

I really am a lucky lady!! 


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