Monday, 4 June 2012

My first try of O.P.I

So as you may know if you read (this post), I recently made my first OPI Nail Polish purchases! I have always been put off by the extremely high price, and the fact that I haven't found many places that stock it, so I have been left to lust over it via the internet (wow that sounds so wrong!).  This all changed when I went to Sally's which is a trade only beauty have to take proof of your college course and ID and all sorts, it feels a bit like getting into MI5 rather than a shop!

These pretty awful pictures are of I Eat Mainely Lobster which a a gorgeous bright orangey coral with a gold shimmer.  I've got to admit that the shimmer is more visible in the bottle than it is on the actual nails but hey ho, you can't have it all! I always think a good way to test a nail varnish (or any beauty product for that matter) is to see if anyone comments on it, so I was thrilled when the lady at Boots told me she loved my nail varnish - it was an automatic winner in my eyes!

I have to admit that it did take three coats to reach a full opacity and even then I'm not sure if that there were no 'dark patches' (do you know what I mean, when it looks a little thinner in places), but overall I loved the finish, and I felt like I was walking around with a little bit of summer attached to my nails.

I love the packaging of O.P.I nail varnishes, they just look so luxurious because I associate them with beauty salons, so it feels like a real treat to have some of these bottles nestled among my collection of pretty regular varnishes.

What do you think of O.P.I? Are there any colours that I really ought to get my hands on?

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  1. I love OPI polishes! You should try some different shades because they are definitely not all the same when it comes to application/opacity.

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