Friday, 29 June 2012


It is time to declutter and finally do an 'empties' post! These things have been hanging around for a week or so, and I keep trying to tidy up and being really frustrated that I can't put them all in the recycling because I haven't taken photos! But here are the photos so farewell products, thanks for being so good to me!

So, lets get to it...

Face related empties

L'Oreal Paris Triple Active Ideal Balance Cleansing Wipes - I do love a good face wipe, and these, my friends are rather lovely.  I purchased them in a 2 for 1 sale so it made them nice and cheap as well.  They aren't too exciting (I've never experienced an exciting face wipe, have you?) but they do the job or removing make up rather well! My housemate used them once and I quote "Oh, these are lovely, they just smell so posh" - and who wouldn't want a posh smelling face wipe I ask you?! 
These are available at Boots and Superdrug but I can't find them online, and also in large supermarkets.

Hair related empties

TIGI Bed Head Epic Volume Shampoo and Conditioner - I love these. They smell amazing, so regardless of their value I would always love them for that, it's the most girly strawberry delicious scent! (which unfortunately I've only smelt a couple of times because I have zero sense of smell 99.9% of the time! I don't know how well they boost the volume of my hair, because to be honest my hair tries its hardest to be flat as a pancake at all times, but it certainly doesn't weigh it down so I'm not complaining. I would definitely repurchase these! 
Get it at FeelUnique or CheapSmells

Toni & Guy Boost-it Mousse - They have actually discontined this product, and I am utterly gutted.  I love this stuff, it is so easy to use (just spray it directly onto the roots in sections around your head, then blow dry with your head upside down for max volume) and it really does deliver the 'volume boost with natural hold' that it claims - so it does just what it say on the tin! I got the Volume Plumping Mousse when I went to replace my Boost-it Mousse but after reading some awful reviews I'm scared to try it!  Why do companies do this - if it ain't broke, don't fix it!  

Now, onto Shower empties

Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel for Sensitive Skin - There isn't really much to say about this, other than that it does the job! A lot of my friends don't use a shaving gel, making do with shower gel, but I wouldn't be without it. 
At £3.25 from Boots I don't think you can go far wrong.  They often have it on sale too!

Treacle Moon The Raspberry Kiss - This deliciously scented exfoliator is lovely, and a little goes a long way so it has lasted me a long time.  I really like that the exfoliating particles are really small, so when you massage it in you can really feel it doing the work.  I love the cute little love story thing on the front as well, and I like to read it in the shower as it's at eye level! It's also cheap which is a bonus! 
I do believe I got this from Tesco! 

Original Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry - I love the concept of Original Source products, and I'm always intrigued by how many fruits, or sunrises in this case, it takes to make one bottle. For me this is a little bit too sweet, I think it's the vanilla milk that's a little too sickly.  I like it none the less, and just as well because I got one in my stocking at Christmas (and the hand soap) so I've got plenty more to get through! 
I can't see this on either the Boots website or Superdrug, but have a look in store or in supermarkets if you fancy it! 

Nail empties

Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover for weak nails - Well my nails are most certainly weak, and to be perfectly honest they have remained weak throughout the time I've been using this.  I'm not blaming this product, and they might be a lot worse if it hadn't been for this, who knows - all I'm saying is don't expect a miracle cure if you have weak nails (not that I think many people would turn to a nail varnish remover to sort that out anyway!)
£1.60 from Boots or £1.59 from Superdrug - i've got to admit I tend to opt for Boots because despite the extra penny I'll do anything for my Boots points! 

I hope you're all well, and if anyone has a recommendation to replace my Toni & Guy Boost-it Mousse I would greatly appreciate it! 



  1. The Raspberry kiss exfoliator sounds lovely, same as the original source. I'm a sucker for sweet things including vanilla!

    1. If you love sweet things then you should definitely check them out - they're pretty inexpensive and there always seems to be offers on these kinds of things!!

  2. keeping around all of those empty bottles would drive me crazy, ha ha!
    i keep seeing all of these empty bottle posts. is there some sort of empty bottle challenge floating around out there?? if so, what is it??


    1. Trust me, it was beginning to drive me crazy too - thankfully they are all gone now!!
      There do seem to be a lot of these posts going around, I think I just jumped on the bandwagon and it seemed a good time as I had so many to show!!