Monday, 4 June 2012

A little life update.

To be perfectly honest this isn't so much a life update, more of a love life update. And the update is - Sweet F A! Yay go me, I can't even get a date through a dating website (she sobs into her share bag of Doritos that most certainly wont be getting shared!).  To be honest I have given up with the whole thing, it is flipping hard work sifting out the sex crazed maniacs and old men, and then you actually get to the point of texting someone because you think you could be on to something but they seem to be constantly too busy to meet you and only want naked pictures.  Am I deluded for thinking that people might have wanted a date instead of just casual sex?  I would have thought porn would have been a much easier way of getting your fill of nudity (I for one wouldn't bother texting someone daily if all I wanted was at the end of a www.) but hey that's just me! 

Well this is a bit of a random rant and I apologise, I just know I'd mentioned my foray into the world of internet dating.  The conclusion is that it was quite fun for about a week and then it got boring, creepy and then just plain annoying.  It hasn't done me any harm but I'm still just as single as I ever was! 

On the plus side I get to look like this and nobody gets to tell me I look like a troll!



  1. Hello, thank you for your lovely comment! Trying to read off a mobile but so far your blog is really sweet and funny... I've never tried Internet dating but from your description it sounds exactly like real dating but at least they're all conveniently located on your laptop! Good luck with the search for love though, and keep us updated!

    Mona x

  2. ha ha, this post made me laugh! you're so darn funny and seem friendly, i know you'll find a deserving guy!
    i know the closest i've ever been to online dating was when someone posted me on craigslist as a prank. it was very very bad. :(


    1. I'm glad it made you laugh, I've got to laugh about it too otherwise the horrific state of my love life could easily reduce me to tears! I love following your blog so it is so nice that you've read mine, thank you!