Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Body Shop Sale - It would be rude to ignore it...

When I got an email reminding me about the Body Shop sale, and telling me that I could get an extra 20% off because I've got a Love Your Body card, I thought I'd have a look to see if they have my favourite ever body butter - as you can see from the photos above, they did, and I got a little over excited! 

Raspberry Body Butter is only available in certain sale periods and I really do not understand this.  The consequence is that when I see it I feel the sudden need to panic buy, as if I'm preparing to live in a bunker sheltering from the apocalypse (because obviously I'd need to moisturise rather than eat?!) Seeing as these full size body butters (200ml), which usually cost £12.50 were down to an amazing £4... I got seven!  I know it seems a little bit insane (well maybe very insane) but I couldn't resist! 

Next up are two Green Apple Bath and Shower Gels, these were crazily cheap at £1.60 each, yes thats right, one pound sixty! I've not tried this before but I love the scent of apple so I'm sure I will love it! 

I then couldn't resist the jumbo Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel, at £6.00 for a whacking 750ml I think it is yet again a bit of a bargain! This will last me so long, giving me a zillion fresh and fruity starts to the day! 

Lastly is a 60ml Wild Cherry Puree Body Lotion.  If I'm honest, this was a bit of a mistake.  I meant to get a larger size but hey, for 80p this is a good way to see if I like the scent, and it will be perfect to travel with so I'm not too upset about the fact I am incapable of reading the volume of the products I'm purchasing! 

Is there anything you feel the need to panic buy? Or am I the only one (please tell me I'm not)?! 



  1. NO! I can't believe I missed out on the Raspberry body butters AGAIN! I love them so much! :( Nx

    1. Oh I'm gutted that you missed it! I always miss it, so this time I went a bit OTT! The women in the Body Shop must think I'm mental because I'm always in there asking when they'll have them in...they never no!!

      Fingers crossed you can grab some next time!