Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Sod you technology!!

Sometimes I get utterly bamboozeled (and quite frankly really pissed off) by technology.  The reason for my annoyance today is that I took a gazillion pictures of me wearing Redd lipliner and Russian Red lipstick (because they'd been requested and I simply love them) - I'd got my lighting right, I'd taken the pictures from loads of different angles and all the rest, I then looked back over them and they seemed fine.  Now, here I am ready to insert them into my blog post about these products, the camera is plugged into my laptop and I'm ready to import the pictures but sadly the pictures are not ready to be imported.  And why is that? Oh, because THEY HAVE DISAPPEARED. They have gone without a trace never to be seen again!!  

I'm finding this extra annoying because a) the weather is now rubbish so lighting will be awful b) it is more effort to take photos of me actually wearing makeup than just images of products and I'm exhausted and c) I haven't posted in what feels like ages because my house has been like a hotel recently and I've not had five seconds to myself let alone long enough to write a post!

I can only apologise that instead of a post about some truly beautiful makeup, you've got the rantings and ravings of a frazzled mentalist. I truly am sorry, and maybe after tomorrow I'll be more mature and able to deal with these things seeing as I'll be a whole year older and the grand old age of 23! 

Am I the only one who gets well and truly screwed over by electronic devices? 



  1. Arrggh how frustrating! Technolgy is a wonder but truely screws you over when it goes wrong. once my printer decided to go bonkers when printing off an essay for uni, almost got minimum pass grade for it as late handing in.
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow! :) x

    1. thank you for your happy birthday - I had a great day :)
      And yeah technology and uni can be a really dangerous combo - I had an actual panic attack when Word just disappeared (thankfully a computer techie managed to get it back for me!!) x