Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Current Loves

Book I've got to admit that since I moved and started my new college course I've barely had any time to read and I've been just so exhausted that one page has sent my straight to sleep.  I'm lusting after Dorothy Koomson's new release though!

Nail Varnish Essie Watermelon I've had this on my toes for a week and I just love the colour, it's so bright and summery which is nice when all I can see is pouring rain!!

Face Product Origins Pure Cream cleanser.  It's gentle and it does the job, what more can I say?

Lip Product Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream I have the fragrance free version (in case you care) and have been slathering it on before bed every night...I've still got dry lips though, damn you cold weather!!

Hair Product This is a tricky one because right now I'm not loving my's probably my Tangle Teezer again, I may not be liking it but at least it's kept knot free!!

Drink It's not the most exciting answer but boy oh boy have I been loving chugging back the ice cold Water, don't get me wrong though I've stayed faithful to my one true love tea!

Food Muesli has been keeping me going recently, and I know people argue about how good it really is for you because it's crammed with nuts and seeds and fruit but hey I don't care!

Website YouTube, I just can't get enough of beauty videos, I swear I could watch them all day every day!

Place Shoreham (home) I've moved back to the place I was born, and it feels good! 

I'd love to know what you're current loves are, let me know in a comment!! 



  1. I like this idea for a little post!!! Lots of our likes are the same...I also love my tangle not sure how I coped before it!!!!

    1. Thanks, I think it's refreshing to have the odd list type post thrown in!! I know what you mean, I loved my paddle brush (and still do really) and never thought I'd want for anything else but the tangle teezer just gets through it with no pain in half the time!! Amazing!